Top 10 eSignature Use Cases for Small Businesses

Streamline Your Business with Tap&Sign Electronic Signature Software

As a small or medium-sized business owner or manager, you’re constantly juggling multiple roles across various functions like sales, marketing, HR, finance, legal, and procurement. This often results in a plethora of documents that need to be signed to keep your business moving forward. Tap&Sign understands these challenges and offers electronic signature software tailored specifically for small businesses, providing a seamless way to obtain signature authorizations remotely. By leveraging e-signature technology, you can reduce risks, save resources, and enhance the customer experience when signing business agreements.

Efficiently Manage Your Sales Contracts

Sales contracts are often the lifeblood of a company. With Tap&Sign eSignature, you can execute sales agreements online, closing deals faster—in hours and minutes instead of weeks and days—even when contracts require multiple signatures. You maintain complete visibility into where sales agreements are in the signing process, enabling many sales processes to be automated and integrated with leading CRM systems.

Streamline Your Purchase Orders Process

A purchase order is a crucial agreement form that needs to be executed quickly and efficiently. Tap&Sign eSignature ensures that both sellers and purchasers can finalize contracts with ease and security, protecting the process with multiple levels of encryption security.

Enhance Vendor/Supplier Agreement Management

Growing businesses rely heavily on relationships with suppliers and vendors. To improve procurement, small business owners are transitioning from paper-driven to digital workflows. Tap&Sign eSignature accelerates the procure-to-pay process while reducing risks and costs associated with paper document processing. Compliance with company purchasing policies becomes a breeze.

Effortlessly Handle Change Orders

For project-based small businesses like architecture, construction, and web design, change is constant. Clients may request minor changes or even take a sudden U-turn on previously agreed-upon terms. Obtaining a signed change order is critical, and Tap&Sign eSignature makes this process easy. It allows firms to send out the change order soon after the change is requested, avoiding project holdups and maintaining a complete digital “paper trail” for review in the cloud.

Simplify New Customer Form Processes

Electronic signatures can save time and money when customers need to fill out forms or other paperwork to do business with you. Tap&Sign eSignature enables you to create and bulk-send easy-to-share online links for customers to review and agree to in advance. Customers can also sign on-site using their own devices, improving the overall customer experience.

Facilitate Real Estate Contract Execution

Many state and federal regulatory agencies have amended their real estate rules to allow electronic signatures for real estate contracts—a trend that the pandemic has accelerated. Tap&Sign eSignature has been used for tens of millions of real estate transactions, all of which are legally binding. Companies that use Tap&Sign eSignature achieve higher close rates, reduced time to revenue, and improved sales rep efficiency.

Secure Intellectual Property Licensing & Other Legal Agreements

Electronic signatures are legally binding with a court-admissible audit trail, making them ideal for many legal documents such as intellectual property licensing, partnerships, and other agreements. Tap&Sign eSignature ensures that your legal documents are secure and compliant with changes in regulations in the U.S. and other countries.

Protect Your Business with Non-Disclosure Agreements

In a competitive world, non-disclosure agreements provide security, enabling you to do business more freely with third parties. Tap&Sign eSignature allows your partners to sign non-disclosure agreements on a laptop or via a mobile device, making them an easy and secure way to protect your proprietary information.

Efficient Employee Onboarding

There’s plenty of paperwork associated with hiring a new employee, from contact forms to benefits enrollment and more. Tap&Sign eSignature allows you to handle these documents securely and easily, automating the dissemination of contracts and HR policy information back to employees.

Secure Parental Consent and Age Verification

Gaming companies, photographers, and entertainment firms often target an under-18 audience, requiring a signature authorization by a parent or legal guardian. Tap&Sign eSignature provides for parental sign-off from a wide range of electronic devices and integrates with a number of ID verification software solutions, ensuring security and compliance.

Experience the Ease, Speed, and Security of Tap&Sign eSignature

Tap&Sign eSignature is proven, field-tested software that has revolutionized the signature authorization process:

  • Easy to use: No long ramp-up times for staff to learn; staff and customers can sign from nearly any device, anytime, from anywhere.
  • Fast: The software includes built-in features that speed document processing.
  • Secure: Multiple levels of security protect your company and your customer or vendor.

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