Understanding eIDAS, the latest EU electronic signature regulation

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What is eIDAS?

eIDAS is the EU’s latest electronic signature regulation. Ratified in 2014, the eIDAS regulation is applicable across the EU since 2016. It is the cornerstone of national regulation in all member states for the provision of legally recognized electronic signatures. eIDAS defines the scope as well as the necessary conditions of legal eSignatures.

The eIDAS electronic signature regulation enables businesses to choose legally compliant providers to ensure that their agreements are legally binding. eSignatures are recognized by law in all EU-member states provided they satisfy eIDAS requirements.

An EU Stamp

The EU Commission identifies and lists third party, certified providers that allow eIDAS-certified, legally binding eSignatures.

A Shared Regulation

eIDAS gives businesses a common set of rules to conduct their agreements across the EU. By selecting an eIDAS-certified eSignature provider, businesses can approve documents anywhere in Europe.

A Guarantee of Service

Third-party providers are frequently audited to ensure that their processes and certifications are continually updated and in conformity with the latest electronic signature regulations.

eIDAS for my business

Streamline your approval flows and protect the integrity of your contracts by choosing an eIDAS-certified eSignature provider. eIDAS norms and regulations ensure that your business can go digital without compromising on security.

Safeguard your agreements

Choosing a certified eSignature provider for your business guarantees that the infrastructure and certificates used to deliver signatures on your documents are protected and legally binding.

Legally binding

Commit with confidence: every eSignature delivered in compliance with EU norms ensures that your contracts will be recognized by any court of law in Europe.

Grow your business beyond borders

Delight your customers, partners, and employees across the world with simple, online signatures valid everywhere in the EU.

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