Minimum System Requirements (Single Server)

You can use Tap&Sign by installing it on your own servers in an on-premises (on-prem) manner. This way, documents will remain within your organization’s internal network. The following minimum requirements are sufficient for the server:

CPU: 8 Cores, 2.4 GHz

Disk: 200 GB+ SSD

Memory: 16 GB RAM

OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2019 or later

SQL: Microsoft SQL 2017 Std or later

It is important to plan the capacity to be increased according to your usage and workload.

Services that need to be provided with internet access

Allow 80 and 443 ports to (Tap&Sign Mobil İmza Gateway)
Allow 80 and 443 ports to (
Allow 80 and 443 ports to (
Allow 80 and 443 ports to (

Notes and Recommendations

Back up the server.
Opt for clustering for maximum accessibility.
For quick adoption of mobile signatures, use Tap&Sign MSG via the cloud rather than on-premises.
If you already manage an MSSQL server, we recommend creating a database within it and providing access.