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Integrate Tap&Sign directly into your applications, websites and offer the best signature experience to your customers.

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"Organizing events means handling countless contracts. Tap&Sign revolutionized our process, making contract signing quick and painless. Its efficiency is a game-changer for us in the event planning industry."

Emma R.

Emma R. Event Planner

"In healthcare, secure and efficient document handling is vital. Tap&Sign has provided us with a reliable and compliant solution. Its ease of use and security are unmatched, making patient consent forms and administrative work much smoother."


John.S Healthcare Administrator

"As a real estate agent, I'm constantly on the move. Tap&Sign lets me close deals faster and more securely. It's been a fantastic tool for property agreements and has greatly streamlined my workflow."

Sophia L.

Sophia L. Real Estate Agent

"In the fast-paced tech startup world, time is everything. Tap&Sign has accelerated our contract processes, enabling us to move quicker on partnerships and funding agreements."

Isabella G.

Isabella G. Technology Startup Founder

"Environmental consultancy involves a lot of fieldwork and reports. With Tap&Sign, we've digitized our reporting process, significantly reducing our paper usage and contributing to our sustainability goals."

Michael D.

Michael D. Environmental Consultant

"In the non-profit sector, transparency and efficiency are essential. Tap&Sign has been instrumental in simplifying our document workflows, making donor agreements and volunteer waivers easier to manage."

Daniel K.

Daniel K. Non-profit Organization Director

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Integrate electronic signatures in less than a week

Launch with confidence into an effortless, guided integration. All our resources are available to developers in our Developer Center, as well as access to the free sandbox to perform all the necessary tests with peace of mind.

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Integrate Tap&Sign directly into your applications, and websites and offer the best signature experience to your customers.

Use all the reminder functions you need to track of all the events related to the signature of your documents, directly in your tools.

Customize your signature interface and requests with your brand codes, up to white labeling.

Optimize time spend on creating your signature requests by building your own fully configurable templates.

Add additional information to your signatures via our text fields, to be filled in by the user before accessing the documents.

Plan your invitations, automate your reminders and personalize your messages to speed up signature.

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