Time and Place Stamped Biometric Signature

Biometric signature provides real-time and detailed analysis by recording each signature movement comprehensively.

Captures pressure, velocity, direction and acceleration of the hand signatures

These values, as well as the biometric signature, are recorded simultaneously with the document and stored together.

Signature Verification

It has an 'Ex-post' signature verification feature used by physical evidence experts.

You don't have to worry about

ISO 32000

Supports independent document integrity verification, compliant with ISO-32000 standard.


Compliant with ISO-19794 authentication standards adopted by the EU.

Paper document validity

Provides a paper document signing experience.

What are the Differences Between Biometric Signature and Traditional Signature?

Ease of Use

Unlike the traditional wet signature, the biometric signature revolutionizes security, verification and ease of use.


The security of transactions is enhanced and the risks of fraud are significantly reduced.

Effective Protection Against Counterfeiting

The biometric signature automatically provides the multi-dimensional examinations that forensic experts need for forgery detection and thus offers effective protection against counterfeiting.

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