How to sign electronically: a beginner’s guide

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The Basics

The Electronic signature is a tool to simplify contract approval and streamline decision-making processes. To get started, select signing parties, add your contract and start signing your documents online. Signing documents electronically is simple for your team, easy for your partners, and helps your business quit the paper habit.

Legality of electronic signatures

In Europe, eIDAS norms set the standards for legally binding and certified eSignatures. Certified providers can deliver legal signatures on behalf of their clients to safeguard their contracts. A document signed online offers guarantees that strengthen your agreements:

Several methods allow your eSignature provider to authenticate the identity of all signing parties.

Sign legally with our eIDAS-certified and GDPR-compliant solution.

A way to protect yourself and verify the time that an envelope has been signed.

How to sign a document electronically

01 Check the document

You’ll receive an email invitation to view, approve and sign your document. Open the link and review the content of the document.

02 Authenticate yourself

Once you’ve approved the content of your contract, enter the security code you’ll receive by text message.

03 Sign your contract

You can now sign your document, download a copy for your records, and store the proof file that legally enforces your agreement. Invite your teammates to start approving your contracts online as a team.

Sign all your documents electronically with Tap&Sign

Our eSignature solution is easy to use, legally binding, and works for all your documents:

Create your company account

No download, no setup required. Get started with signing documents electronically directly from your browser.

Upload contracts

Proposals, work contracts, tenancy agreements: sign electronically all the documents that drive your business.

Select signing parties

Choose contacts whose signature you need to obtain, pick the correct order in which to collect signatures, and click send.

Collect signatures

Signing parties will be notified of your request by email, they’ll be able to access and sign documents for free.

Sign electronically directly from your tools

Our API lets you integrate our eSignature solution to your tools or ship them in your app.

Build the best experience

Deliver a world-class eSignature experience to your team and your users

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Choose contacts whose signature you need to obtain, pick the correct order in which to collect signatures, and click send.

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