What is Biometric Signature?

Biometric Signature has gained importance among electronic signature types with the digital transformation. Biometric signature is a technology that enables digitally signing based on a person’s physiological or behavioral characteristics. Identification is verified by methods such as fingerprint, retinal scanning, and facial recognition to create a signature. So what is the legal validity and how is it used?

Concept and Features of Biometric Signature

Biometric signature is a technology that enables a person to digitally sign using their unique biological characteristics. These characteristics may include fingerprint, retinal scanning, facial recognition, and voice recognition. It plays an important role in the protection of personal data.

Legal Validity

The legal validity in Turkey is regulated by laws such as the Electronic Signature Law and the Personal Data Protection Law. These laws contain various provisions regarding the use and protection of such technology. It is legally recognized like other electronic signatures and becomes valid under certain conditions.

How to Create and Use Biometric Signature?

The process of creating a biometric signature involves scanning and digitally processing a person’s biological characteristics. This process is generally carried out through special devices or software. It can be used to verify a person’s identity or approve certain transactions.

Security and Personal Data Protection

The security of the biometric technology is of great importance in terms of protecting personal data. Therefore, the biometric technology should be developed in accordance with security standards. In addition, biometric data collection, processing, and storage must comply with personal data protection laws.

The legal validity and use of biometric signature technology offer the opportunity to conduct secure and fast transactions in the digital world. However, it is crucial to ensure the protection and security of personal data during the use of this technology. Therefore, caution should be exercised in the development and use of biometric signature technology.

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