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Digital Signature in Real Estate

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Enhance Your Recruitment Process with Electronic Signatures

Tap&Sign helps you move your agreements across the line easily, quickly and securely.

Enable candidates to sign documents from anywhere, using their computer or mobile device.

Create tailored workflows for document review, approval, and signing, streamlining your recruitment processes.

Store signed documents securely and access them whenever you need, with complete confidence in their authenticity and integrity.

Why Use Electronic Signatures in Recruitment?

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In recruitment, every moment counts. Between initial contact with a candidate and the signing of a placement agreement, delays can occur, potentially jeopardizing the placement. The ability to swiftly obtain a candidate's signature on essential documents can make or break a placement, especially in competitive recruitment environments.

Coordinating a physical meeting to sign documents can be challenging due to conflicting schedules or geographic distances. Electronic signatures offer a solution that is convenient for both recruiters and candidates, enabling documents to be signed quickly and securely from anywhere, at any time.

Electronic signatures are legally recognized and provide a level of security that meets regulatory standards, such as the European eIDAS regulation. This ensures that the signing process is not only efficient but also legally binding. Your Tap&Sign team can guide you in choosing the right electronic signature solution that complies with local regulations.

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